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About us


​Teppei Konishi


Completed the Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University. Engaged in research / new business development using location information service behavior history and Web history data analysis, and movie analysis at NTT DoCoMo Advanced Technology Research Laboratories. After leaving NTT DoCoMo, assumed the position of CTO or manager at multiple companies and established Biomy, Inc. in 2019. Also a researcher at Akita University Graduate School of Medicine and RIKEN.

Hiroyuki Sano, Ph.D.


Engaged in research on location information data analysis and disease detection using movies taken with smartphones at the Advanced Technology Research Institute, NTT DoCoMo. After leaving NTT DoCoMo, established own company and entrusted with data analysis / AI developments. Established Biomy Inc. with Konishi et al. to utilize the knowledge about AI gained from a lot of practical experiences in the bio/medical field. 

Keita Saito, Ph.D.


Completed the doctoral program at the University of Tokyo Graduate School. Engaged in new project coordination and nucleic acid drug research at Research Planning Department, Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd. After leaving Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd., engaged in new business developments and management of R&D team as a manager at a biotech startup and established Biomy, Inc. with Konishi et al.

Completed the master program at the University of Tokyo. Specializes in microbiome research using metagenomic technology. Engaged in high-precision metagenomic analysis technology and new business development at Takara Bio Inc. After leaving Takara Bio, entered the doctoral program at Waseda University Graduate School and also joined Biomy, Inc.

After joining NTT DoCoMo, worked as a project manager for smartphone service planning and application development. Specialized in UI design / UXD consulting and application quality management at several other IT startups. Participated in Biomy, Inc. as a product designer based on user experience. Human Centered Design Professional. 

Mateusz Grynkiewicz


AI Engineer

Completed Masters program at Warsaw University of Technology. Worked as a researcher for NTT Communication Science Laboratories and software engineer for a robotic development company. Engaged in image processing and research on deep learning, joined Biomy, Inc. as an AI engineer to use his experience for practical medical purposes.

Takuma Kobayashi


AI Engineer

Completed the master's program in the Department of Medical Physics and Engineering, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University. Worked at Osaka University as specially appointed researcher and as a radiological technologist at a clinic. Specialized in medical image processing such as CT and MRI using Deep Learning. He engages in research and development at Biomy, Inc. to take advantage of artificial intelligence research and his clinical environment experience.

And more...

Yuya Kiguchi

Chief Genome Analyst

Yuki Inoue

Product Manager

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