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Biomy provides new value through collaboration with universities and companies.

Image by National Cancer Institute
Image by NordWood Themes
Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

CAIDx : Companion AI Diagnostics

In conventional companion diagnostics, administration criteria was defined by linear parameters like protein expression level or DNA/RNA level, etc. Biomy proposes new concept: companion AI diagnostics which enables multi-parameter complex analysis to contribute precise prediction of prognosis.

Cell image analysis

Deep learning enables complex extraction of cell feature that conventional approaches cannot achieve. We apply deep learning techniques for cell culture evaluation, automation and activity evaluation of CAR-T therapy. 


Metagenome analysis

Extracting meaningful data from enormous metagenome data is always a challenge. Biomy develops new analytic methodologies using machine learning including deep learning to discover the correlation with diseases and microbiomes. 

Spectrum analysis

Analytic method using machine learning is suitable for complex spectrum data which is too abundant information for logic base method. Biomy tackles with analysis of complex spectrum data obtained from latest optical measuring devices to reveal disease mechanism and offer early diagnosis.

Digital health

Based on our consumer business experience and smartphone app development experience, we are developing a symptom improvement program that leads to digital health and DTx (Digital Therapeutics).

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