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Image by Pietro Jeng

Algorithm construction with a small number of samples

Data samples in the medical and biotechnology fields are often limited. We have the know-how to build an analysis method from a small amount of samples such as images and genomes.


Combination analysis of different data structure

AI that combines different data types such as characters (genome information or diagnostic information), images (pathology / cell images or CT images) and numerical values (blood data or cell culture condition data) as input data, enables us complex analysis that human cannot grasp.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Algorithm construction using unsupervised learning / semi-supervised learning

Annotation of data often becomes a bottleneck on the point of both cost and time. Biomy effectively utilizes unsupervised/semi-supervised learning techniques even in the case that limited amounts of annotated data sets are available.

technology: サービス
Image by NASA

Building a data platform using blockchain

Biomy can construct a blockchain data management platform which provides highly traceable and secure data transmission.

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