Biotech innovation with us

Artificial Intelligence for deeper understanding of complex BIOLOGIES

Our Features

Cutting edge AI for inspiring biologists.


Advanced disease understanding with AI

Biology is too complex to understand with rules defined by human. We work on revealing disease mechanisms or estimations of prognosis with AI, which can handle much more parameters than human can.

Technology developments suitable for problem solving

Latest technologies are not always the best way to solve problems. Based on the understanding from conventional technology to the latest technology, we build methods that lead to solving problems in the shortest time.

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Projects directed by bioscientists

Highly advanced specialities are necessary for developing AI in biological and medical fields. Bioscientists' insights maximize the possibilities of AI utilization and application. 

Developing seeds into business

We can provide not only digital products but also support for designing user experiences.

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Showa University

Shinshu University

Akita University

Our Partners

The University of Tokyo

Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, Ltd. 

Rorze Lifescience

Shibuya 3-6-2, Shibuya city, 150-0002 Tokyo

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