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Finding patient specific features
and providing precision medicine with AI

Cancer is very complex, but our AI-based spatial analysis technology can provide a deep understanding of the patient's condition and suggest the appropriate treatment

Value for BioPharma and Clinical Labs

  • Exploring New spatial signature for drug efficacy

  • Understanding tumor heterogeneous distribution

  • Spatial clustering of cancer and lymphocytes

  • Spatial statistical analysis using serial multiplex IHC slides

Cell and tissue segmentation

Using both pathologist annotation and masked data with multiple IHC as training data enables the detection of indistinguishable cells.


Predicting genomic mutation from morphological features [Publication]


A spatial combination of the obtained features is used to predict patient prognosis and drug efficacy.  [Publication]

Product / Services

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DeepPathFinder™ can lead you to deep-dive 
into tumor microenviromnent

* DeepPathFinder™ is for research use only, not for clinical use



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