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First round financing completed

Biomy, Inc(Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Teppei Konishi; hereinafter "biomy"), has raised funds from Shinnihon Scientific Corporation (Head office: Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture; Chairman and President: Ryoichi Nagata; hereinafter "Shinnihon Scientific").

Purpose of Fund Procurement

Shinnihon is a company that provides innovative services to the medical and pharmaceutical industries through the power of AI and biology. The company aims to discover new digital biomarkers and develop new services by building a big data platform based on the data obtained from the prediction of drug efficacy based on data accumulated in hospitals and health promotion through the provision of healthcare applications, as well as by building a big data platform based on the data obtained from such data. Through this fundraising, the company plans to strengthen recruitment of human resources, research and development of AI and IT technologies, and build a structure for medical device development.

The underwriter, Shinnihon Scientific, is Japan's first contract research organization (CRO) for drug development, established in 1957. As the only company in Japan capable of undertaking all stages of drug development, including basic research and drug discovery, New Japan Science is committed to supporting its partners in new drug development, and we expect high business synergies not only in the deployment of our technologies but also in new business development.

Our business activities

AI platform to support anti-tumor drug dosing decisions

AI analyzes past patient information and selects appropriate cohorts to maximize medication efficacy. The AI will predict the prognosis of anti-tumor drugs by taking into account a variety of information that has not been used in the past to determine medication criteria, thereby supporting decision-making on medication.


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