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We will be speaking at the seminar organized by MEDISO on 2022.11.25

We will be speaking at the MEDISO-sponsored seminar on 2022.11.25.

Event details (Jump to LINK-J website)

MEDISO will be holding regular seminars on selected topics that medical ventures should know about. In particular, MEDISO will focus on specialized topics such as pharmaceutical regulations and intellectual property, which many medical ventures feel are barriers to knowledge. We also plan to provide networking opportunities to build a network among MEDISO users.

The seminar schedule will be posted on the MEDISO homepage, so please keep an eye on the MEDISO seminar to catch up on information that medical ventures should know.


16:45 Doors open

17:00-17:05 Kick-off remarks

Mr. Go Yamamoto

Director, Venture Support Strategy Office, Pharmaceutical Industry Promotion and Medical Information Planning Division, Medical Policy Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

17:05-17:35 Introduction of MEDISO user companies (3 companies x 10 minutes)

Moderator: Mr. Masatoshi Tachibana

Representative of BPM Consulting Office / Full-time supporter of MEDISO

Splink Co. CEO: Mr. Hiroki Aoyama

Biomy Inc. CEO: Teppei Konishi Director and CEO, Ovenus Inc.: Yuichi Niikura,

17:35-18:05 Discussion on the future of the seminar and expectations

Mr. Masatoshi Tachibana

Mr. Hiroki Aoyama

Mr. Teppei Konishi

Mr. Yuichi Niikura

Mr. Akihiko Soyama:

Executive Director, LINK-J; Specially Appointed Professor, Tohoku University; President, Executive Alliance, Inc.

18:05-18:10 Summary

Moderator: Mr. Masatoshi Tachibana

18:10-19:00 Networking

Participation Fee: Free of charge


60 people at the real venue *Pre-registration is required to attend. Please note that the first-come, first-served basis.

Organized by Medical Venture Total Support Project (MEDISO)

Co-organized by: Life Science Innovation Network Japan (LINK-J)


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